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John Bogle

The "father of indexing" and legendary founder of Vanguard, John Bogle, died this week at 89. While his passing is a loss for the investment industry, he left such a

profound impact by espousing low fees and passive investing that he will never be forgotten.

Inukshuk advisor, Geoff Gilbert, was an early disciple of Mr. Bogle (1990) and had the honor of a one-on-one meeting with him in 2013 to discuss the role advisors can play in the passive/active debate. They continued to corresponded from time to time over the following years as Mr. Bogle and his wife enjoyed the honey sent from Geoff's apiary. Geoff said the he was "struck by the humility of the man that changed Wall Street. Mr. Bogle knew of his impact, but gave credit to many other variables including the dumb luck of being born in the United States."

Geoff will miss Mr. Bogle's tenacious articles. "Press on John, press on regardless!"

John Bogle "Press On, Regardless!"

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