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Financial Planning


Our Missoula financial planning advisors provide guidance and consultation to a broad range of Montana and national clients. Financial planning Missoula services are offered by our independent fee-only financial advisors in Missoula, Kalispell, Hamilton and Western Montana. Missoula financial planning will be tailored to meet your needs, including budgeting, retirement planning, debt planning, or quarterly investment guidance.


Life is a wondrous journey and it can become so much easier once you are on the right financial path. Regardless of whether you are starting at $0 or wondering what your options are for a $1 million inheritance, our Missoula financial advisors offer independent, unbiased, objective financial advice that helps guide you on the right path.


Clients - Our Missoula financial advisors provide planning and financial consultation to individuals, families, and businesses.


Services - In addition to Montana Investment Management services, we provide fee-only financial planning and advising services that can be tailored to your needs. Our Missoula financial advisors typically craft a financial plan beginning with a snapshot of your current situation through assessing your assets, liabilities, and net worth. From there we can make financial projections and evaluate your goals and objectives in the context of your time horizon. These often lead to further discussions and guidance specific to budgeting, retirement planning, saving for children's education, credit planning, or if insurance is right for you (we do not sell insurance, so there is no conflict!). Additionally, we can assess your current investments, evaluating your 401k investment choices for example, and advise on future investment decisions. For small business we also offer educational and consultation services for your employees that help you in fulfilling your ERISA obligations. Our Montana financial advisors’ financial planning and advising services, including investment consultation, are offered on a one-time or on-going basis. Our financial advisors also work with Missoula Family Lawyers Collaborative Divorce Group as the financial neutral in collaborative divorce cases.


Fees - Inukshuk provides objective, fee-only, and truly conflict-free financial planning and investment advice. Unlike brokers and some financial planners we do not receive commissions and we are not incentivized to sell investment or insurance products. Financial and investment consultations are charged on an hourly or fixed-fee basis.


For more information, please visit our FAQ page or contact us directly.

Missoula Financial Planning
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