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Objective, Independent Investment Management


Inukshuk Investments is a Montana investment advisor RIA firm with clients nationwide. Our Montana investment advisors provide wealth management, investment supervisory, and custom portfolio services to a broad range of individual and institutional clients. Our independent financial advisors provide personal investment advice and custom portfolio management tailored specifically to each client's objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance.


Our highly personalized level of service aims to achieve a solid foundation of trust integral in every client relationship. As a client with Inukshuk, you have direct access to your financial advisor who is the direct manager of your portfolio. There are no third party funds or money managers, which has the added benefit of keeping our fees low. As an RIA, we have a fiduciary standard of care that is written into each client contract. In addition, each investment advisor has achieved the esteemed Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. As a CFA Charterholder, your investment advisor has shown a commitment to the highest investment and ethical standards in the industry. Lastly, we are an advisor-owned institution – meaning we are beholden to the interests of our clients first and only, not to shareholders as with most publicly traded banks and broker-dealers.


Clients - Investment advisors with Inukshuk offer investment management services to individuals, family offices, foundations, endowments, and institutions.


Services - In addition to Financial Planning services, we provide fee-only financial and investment advice in primarily two formats. Most clients receive individualized, custom portfolio management services. This means your investment advisor will implement an investment strategy developed with only your objectives in mind. This is our fiduciary responsibility. Your Montana investment advisor executes that strategy on a discretionary basis, selecting and trading individual securities to meet your goals. Because you directly own the stock or bond, our fees are typically lower than most brokers who merely wrap you into funds managed by others who also charge fees. Additionally, we offer consultative financial and investment advice on a one-time or on-going basis.


Fees - Inukshuk provides objective, fee-only, and truly conflict-free advice. Unlike brokers and some investment advisors, we do not receive commissions and we are not incentivized to sell investment products. Custom, discretionary investment portfolios are managed for a fee based on a percentage of assets under management. Minimum account size is typically $250k (although this may vary depending on client-specific objectives). Financial and investment consultations are charged hourly.


For more information, please visit our FAQ page or contact us directly.



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