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Many investment management and financial planning firms claim objective, conflict-free advice. But how can the advice be truly objective when their advisors are receiving commissions or are encouraged to sell proprietary products?  Truth is, it can't be. At Inukshuk, we do not receive commissions. We do not sell products. We do not subscribe to the "hybrid" broker model that circumvents the fiduciary standard of the 1940 Investment Advisor Act. Every adviser at Inukshuk has a duty to treat each client with a fiduciary standard of care - meaning the client's interests will always be first. It is written into every client agreement.

Inukshuk offers investment supervisory and custom portfolio management for individuals, foundations, endowments, and institutions for a fee based on a percentage of assets under management. We construct each portfolio based on our client's objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance. Security selection is on a discretionary basis and minimum account size is typically $200k (although this may vary depending on client-specific objectives).

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Pension and Profit-Sharing Plans

If your organization or business is considering offering employees a retirement plan we can help guide you on the right path. Whether you are just starting to look at offerings for your employees or your organization has grown large enough to consider a pooled profit sharing plan that you are looking to have someone manage, we will help you evaluate and make sure you are considering all of your options.  Low fees, for both the employer and employee, are our number one concern.

Whether you are starting at $0 or wondering what your options are for a $1 million inheritance, we offer unbiased, objective financial advice based on an hourly fee. Services will be tailored to your needs and can include budgeting, retirement planning, debt & credit planning, quarterly investment guidance, or if insurance is right for you (we do not sell insurance, so there is no conflict!).

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Business Valuations

We estimate the value of companies in the capital markets every day. While the liquidity of publically traded securities influence the marginal pricing, the tenants of valuation are the same, as we invest as if we are long-term owners in each company.  If you would like an independent appraisal for a privately held business that you own or seek to acquire, we may be able to help.

Investments and investment management are only a portion of your overall financial picture. So we have offered financial planning services to help clients gain that broader perspective and to help them focus on achieving their goals. Interestingly, however, we've realized that some individuals and families have not had the opportunity to seriously pondered what it is they specifically want in life - and that is truly the cornerstone for a successful, long-term financial plan and investment strategy. In order to help clients achieve what it is they most desire, we've developed a program that helps you create a personalized plan for your future. Learn how our personal strategic planning can be of use to you today!

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