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Join our Advisor team of CFA® Charterholders without compromising your values.


Looking to start an RIA? Are you considering joining an already established Investment Advisor? If you have experience and have obtained the CFA designation, we are looking for partners to join our national team of investment managers.

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Difficult Choices


Practicing Investment and Financial Advisors are faced with difficult choices: Join an established wirehouse, bank or regional and be driven by asset gathering and sales of proprietary investment products; or go independent and start an RIA firm without the conflicts of interest, but have to struggle with high costs against the name recognition of national firms.


A Great Solution

Inukshuk Investments is a nationally branded, independent, unconflicted RIA affiliation that is owned & operated by CFA Charterholders. We win advisors through low-cost technical and compliance support gained through economies of scale, complete independence (no products to sell), and collaborative networks (ideas, backup and succession planning). We win clients through pooled marketing, name recognition, our high ethical and fiduciary standards, lower fees, and the elimination of the largest conflict of interest (commissions).

Benefits To Your Clients


Unadulterated fiduciary – responsibility rests solely with our clients’ best interests; no hybrids, or work-around to the 1940s investment advisor act.


Unconflicted – fee only, so not incentivized or biased by sales cycle or product commissions; investors deal directly with their money manager, not a salesman.


Independent and privately owned – focused on investment management not brokerage or product fees; fiduciary duty only to our clients – not shareholders.


Individualized service - the personal attention of a small independent RIA, but with the safety and comfort of a national institution.

Benefits To Each Advisor


Inukshuk assimilates the best of all existing business models: Strong brand, independence, ownership, and no legacy costs (new entrant) and we are differentiated with advisors all having the CFA designation. We have a strong value proposition, an elite affiliation, and the best support of any competing shop.


New Advisors join for: Ready-made platform enabling simple, fast, effective establishment of your business; Immediate credibility with a nationally recognized firm; Broad network of experienced, knowledgeable affiliated advisors.


Established (Growth) Advisors join to: Lower their cost of doing business; Simplify their life by removing the burden of compliance; See effective growth through broader name recognition from the efficient and national deployment of pooled advertising budget;


Senior Advisors join because: Their passion is helping clients invest, not running a business;

Stigma of “one-man shop” lifted with strong affiliation.


With Us, You Know You Are On The Right Path!®


Contact us to learn more about our competitive edge.



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